Mr. Rabbit: Episode 1

I entered a humid blue hallway, faded blue walls and half broken windows which brought in Mid-summer sunshine in the hall, I was told by my contact to wait for a while till he cleared the situation and asked me to proceed into the mansion.

It was an old mansion; probably colonial. It stood the tests of time quite well, It had seen good days and bad. It had seen sensuous kisses and tears through generations. Now it was owned by Kevin “The Rabbit” DeAndre. To the unwary he was just an old man who was the bartender at Apple Barrel, what most people didn’t know. He was a Voodoo King. That was the dirty little secret behind a charade of wrinkly smiling face and a weak black frame. Today, I had a job for him.

The air was smoky, even thought the home was in the middle of the town I didn’t hear anything, It was as if I was in some other era. I decided to check out the home, So I climbed the stairs near the hall to reach the library. It was well lit and the room was golden with the light from the chandelier. Something was wrong. I could feel it in my bones. The library was massive. It appeared bigger then the mansion. I walked in to check out the books. “Need anything son?” An Old man standing nearby asked me.

“Yeah, Tell me about Kevin.”

“Kev is a really nice kid, he will join college next summer in Chicago, Did he do anything wrong Sir? I am his Uncle Asgrid.”

What? Is he joking. College?

I didn’t answer. I just ignored him and came downstairs to check if Russell finished the clearence.

It was different.

The Hall looked amazing. There were people dancing. People drinking Whiskey and Jazz tunes in the air. And It was night as I looked out of the window.

What is happening?

I rushed past all these people into the room where I was supposed to go.

Russell stood there with an Old Man, The Rabbit.

“You lost son?” The Rabbit asked me with a smile.

“What is wrong with your house? How is it night? Who was that old man in the library?” I asked.

“Now now Joe, You shouln’t go on sneaky peaky in someone’s home. Dincha’ Ma teach ya that? Mariline wasn’t it her name?” he said as he gulped down some whiskey from his glass as he sat on a satin covered couch.

I knew this man was a Voodoo King. I just wanted a simple love potion. That’s all.  That too on Julia’s pestering. He was not ordinary.

“I want Love Sir”

“Oh, Do ya now?” He smiled as he looked me with those dark eyes which had black circles and were sunk into his cheeks as if for centuries.


To be Continued.


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