The MeowNator: Part Une

Yes, I am blogging. Read. On.


It was a cold night in Bangalore. Parmeet McFluffy was a strong, independent cat who didn’t need anyone’s lewd comment about her or her lifestyle choices (She likes to eat from trash, It is her choice. Accept it). She was a left leaning liberal cat.

Parmeet was taking a walk near Pecos (She found it extremely noisy). This time of the night, large-creatures-that-provide-food-and-cuddle where walking into strange closed spaces and coming out smelly and loud.

She wanted to reach home and get some shut eye, her creature-that-provided-food-and-cuddle was perhaps home, as she was walking, she noticed a shadow.  Shadows in Bangalorepura following you at night are never a good thing, her mother cat Jaspreet Kaur McFluffy (née “Cutiepie”) had taught her such small life lessons (Sardine turned Tomcats on, never eat mice like flithy middle-class cats to name a few.) before running away with an unknown Tomcat to parts unknown. (The word in McFluffy khandan was that Jaspreet-ji eloped with someone went to Canada.)

She kept moving, she was hungry; as always. So she decided to go near Onesta which was around the block and nibble on some pizza before she went to sleep at home. It was about to rain, that’s something sad as well as exciting about Bengalurpura. The weather was unpredictable. She liked in comparison to Delhinagar. Yes, she used to live in Delhinagar. It had been 4 years (In cat-years) since they shifted to Bengalurpura. She missed Pinkie Floyd, Mikesh Fufa and the rest of the family that lived back home.

Suddenly, the lights disappeared and all her Meow-ing was useless.

She Meow-ed her last.



She woke up on a table “Woof.” (Roughly Translated as “Eh ki ho riya?”)

She had changed to something she never imagined in her wildest tuna induced stupor.

She, was a dog.